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And here be the Links page! Here you will find links to affiliates and comics I find that you should check out. Take a look!

Adding Zero

Afrohawkman's Adding Zero is a sequel to The After Subtract, which follows the adventures of the heroes after they are captured by a mysterious figure and forced through numerous challenges. Will their skills and teamwork be enough to fight their way through and get to the answers they seek, the people they must save, and the way back home? Given the large amount of characters, the comic tends to play around with the different character interactions and the way they each handle the trials. I'm honestly suprised Afrohawkman can juggle them all...

...Wuzzat? You never read the first one? Well...

The After Subtract

Afrohawkman's The After Subtract has some of the baddest villans team up, and now their respective heroes have to team up and go stop them! It may sound like a lot of other comics out there, but the quality rises above the rest, especially the writing.

Mobian Chaos

Mobian Chaos is a comic focused on Sonic, Tails, and Amy working their way through Angel Island to stop Dr. Eggman. It reminds me of the sprite comics made many years ago... A simpler time where you didn't need to abuse special effects or have over dramatic plots (erm, ignoring my own comic here), and it's not meant to be an "insane randomness" comic or anything like that. It's a rather simple humor comic, and actually comes out quite refreshing because of it.


Harvey Cooper, who is nicknamed "Breaker" because... reasons, obtains a job at the titicular Hummingbird's Record Shop because ECONONY..., and now he is taked with guiding the bizzare characters of whateverthehellcitythisis through THE MYSTICAL FOREST OF MUSIC. It's a... slice-of-life-ish type of comic, I guess, but I don't really know slices of life with robots or superpowered furries or giant muscular four-legged bar bouncers or actually fashionable flat caps, so who really knows?


What if I told you there was a comic that is completely off-the-wall with its humor, but it actually has a consistent plot? Don't believe me? Well, fine, you can live on believing what you want to believe, or you can look at this comic and see THE TRUTH. Seriously, King Rover's SONIC Sonic used to be a parody comic, going against the typical tropes of Sonic comics, but then it cut its own path and now has an actual story going on while still keeping with the same humor. This type of comic is too rare a breed these days...


Mario finds himself in a place called Dreamland, with no recollection of who he is, aside from his name, and that he needs to rescue someone named "Peach" from... something. With not even any clue on how to use his abilities, he joins Kirby to hopefully, find a way to get back home. Meanwhile, there seems to be more to the story than just Mario's amnesia... You'll want to keep reading just to find out! The comic started off a bit rocky, but the quality is greatly increasing as it goes on. It's a comic you'll want to keep your eye on.

...You know, for a Kirby comic, I have only one Kirby comic affiliate. Weird.

...Oh, you want to affiliate too? Well, if you want to, sure, but before asking, make sure your comic has lasted at least 10 pages and for longer than a week. Oh, and it has to be good, of course. If it is, send it my way via a private message. As for the code to use, just copypasta from that text field down there. It'll get you a banner much like this:

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